Women's Waxing Services

Voted “Best Waxing on the Coast”, you can rest assured you are in the hands of wax professionals.

We Are The Waxing Experts!

We have the combined experience of 30 years of full body waxing and specialize in Brazilian Waxing.
Yep, that’s what we do all day, every working day…Brazilian waxes plus other body parts.

Waxing Service Pricing (will vary for larger areas)
Ladies Brazilian Wax $65/maintenance to $70/1st time or It’s been more than 8 weeks
Inner Thighs $20 and up
Back of Thighs $25 and up
French Bikini $55
American Bikini $45
Stomach $25 and up
Eyebrows $25
Upper Lip or Chin $15
Eyebrow & Lip or Chin $30
Eyebrows/Lip/Chin $35
Nostrils $20
Full Face w/Neck $55
Full Face Only $45
Half Arms $35
Full Arms $70
Underarms $20
Lower Legs $45
Upper Legs $50
Full Legs $90 and up
Buns and Between the Buns $45
Buns Only $30

About Our Waxing Services

We are the “waxing experts” from Mobile, AL to Pensacola and Pensacola Beach area to Destin, FL!

We use only top of the line wax products and post-care products because they perform the best are gentle to your skin. We use a luxury hard wax line and a natural soy based wax hair removal.

Hard wax allows for fast, efficient waxing with gentle results. Our clients tell us we give the most gentle wax they’ve ever experienced..

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Here’s what our happy clients are saying:

I went based on the reviews and fair pricing. The interior was very nice and clean and well decorated. I was greeted immediately, signed paperwork, taken to the bathroom for the numbing spray and then greeted by Sandy, the owner and taken to the room to get situated. The waxing room was spacious and all the supplies looked clean. I’ve never been waxed before, I did have sugaring done but it was years ago. Sandy was amazing, we kept up a steady conversation the entire time and that definitely made it a more bearable and easy situation to deal with given how exposed you are to a stranger.

This waxing went a lot smoother than the sugaring experience I’ve had in the past. FYI sugaring was a constant pulling and with this wax it was 1 quick pull. Afterwards, she cleaned up any left over hairs, applied coconut oil and Finipil, a cream to help prevent ingrown hairs and calm the skin from redness. Everything was done top notch.  She used gloves at all times and never double dipped her wax. By the end I let her clean up my eyebrows too and scheduled for a 4 week appt to get waxed again.


Can I just say how much I LOVE this place! I have been coming here for about 6 months now getting a regular Brazilian wax and eyebrows/lip. These ladies do such an AMAZING job and are some of the kindest and hardworking people I have the pleasure of knowing.

Angela is my go to waxer, she is great at what she does and has never hurt me in the process. My skin has improved down there and it’s so smooth it’s addictive lol. Angela makes what can be an awkward and frightening experience a joy! And she’s so much fun to talk to!

Kiana S.

I just got stationed in Pensacola and was looking for a new place to get my waxing done. I read the reviews and decided to check this little gold pot. I was not disappointed.

Their service was exceptional! From the staff to their work. I’m not a noobie when it comes to waxing, but in all honestly this was the LEAST amount of pain I’ve ever experienced in Brazilian waxing. Faith was absolutely amazing and very sociable. I would recommend this place in a heart beat. I will definitely be coming here for my waxing needs.