Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Brazilian wax session take?

The total time for a full Brazilian is 30 to 45 minutes. Sometimes it takes longer for more hair or stubborn coarse hair.

What kind of wax do you use?

We use Berodin’s blue hard wax for Brazilian waxing and Nufree soy hair removal products. We find both are more gentle and cleaner to work with than other hair removal products. The blue hard wax is applied in a warm and softened state with a wooden wax stick, kind of like icing a cake. Then after it hardens, the strip is removed. WE DO NOT DOUBLE DIP.

Does it hurt?

Many ladies ask if the waxing hurts. We won’t sugar coat it…Yes! But, most of my clients say it’s not as bad as they thought and others say it was just like they thought it would be. The good news is that if you maintain it, you do toughen up to it. And, everyone says it’s worth it!

How long does it last?

About 3 to 4 weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows.

If I am getting just an American bikini wax, not a Brazilian, do I still remove my panties?

Yes, but we provide a disposable bikini for you to put on while we are out of the room. This will provide you coverage and there’s no chance of getting wax on your personal panties.

Will my hair grow back coarser and thicker?

No. In fact, if often will grow back softer and more sparse.

How soon can I have sex after my wax?

It’s recommended you wait 24 hours. But if you can’t wait (and many of my clients tell me their guy couldn’t wait!), be sure to clean the area afterwards with an antibacterial soap.

I’m a plus size woman, can I get a Brazilian wax?

Absolutely!  Every woman wants to feel sexy and a Brazilian wax helps you feel like the beautiful, sexy woman you are!!

Can pregnant women get a Brazilian wax?

Yes, if you have regularly been getting Brazilians you can continue to be waxed throughout your entire pregnancy. If it’s your first Brazilian we recommend you wait until after your first trimester.

Can I get a Brazilian wax while I’m on my period?

Yes, but only if you use tampons. Some women notice they are a little more sensitive while on their period, while others say they don’t notice a difference. Some clients have expressed more sensitivity a few days prior to their menstrual cycle than while on their cycle. If possible, try to schedule your Brazilian wax just after your cycle for the most comfort.