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5 Reasons Why Younger Women are Developing Breast Cancer
on October 7, 2013, by Dr. Veronique Desaulniers

Last week I blogged about the statistics of younger women developing Breast Cancer. Survival rates are worse when compared to older women that are pre or postmenopausal. According to the University of Columbia, 95% of cancers are due to diet and the accumulation of toxins. Eating clean and staying away from the S.A.D. (Standard America Diet) was discussed.

This week, I will focus on Essential #2, Reduce your Toxic Exposure.
Is it really possible to reduce our toxic exposure in this polluted world? Absolutely! There are many things that you have control over and there are specific detoxification protocols that will help you reduce your toxicity.
Let’s look at the toxic overload from a macro level to a micro level:
About 10 years ago, the CDC conducted a study of saliva and urine on over 2000 subjects from all over the US. They found that the average person had 212 toxic chemicals in their body! Think about the strain those 212 chemicals must put on the body’s detoxification systems!

1.) Environmental Toxins – many of these are hormone disruptors and estrogen mimickers
Dioxins from municipal waste plants and paper millsdioxin
Volatile Organo compunds (VOC’s) in tap water and dry cleaning fluids
Phthalates from plastics and perfumes
Pesticides and herbicides
PCB’s from plastics and farm raised salmon

2.) Household Toxins – your home should be a sanctuary for your body to heal.
The average household has over 1000 toxic chemicals looming in the air. Take a look at the following and replace them with non-toxic versions, or simply use vinegar and water.
Floor and carpet cleaners
Dishwasher detergent
Clothing detergent
Bathroom cleaners
Artificial candles and sprays
“Cancer is a preventable disease that requires major lifestyle changes”, The American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists.

3.) Cosmetic toxins – the average person is exposed to 126 chemicals per day through their body care products
Antiperspirants contain Aluminum which is a metallo-estrogen and mimics estrogendeoderant
Sunscreens contain cancer causing chemicals. Proper exposure to the sun does not cause cancer.
Parabens are preservatives used in most skin care products that mimic estrogen. They are found in cancerous tumors.
Hair dyes are loaded with cancer causing chemicals

4.) Internal Toxins
Your body metabolizes and filters out toxins through the liver, kidneys, colon and lungs. When there is an overload of toxins in the body, the detoxification pathways can become overloaded and sluggish. The following pathogens can also add a toxic burden to your body and compromise your Immune System:
Yeasts and Candida

5.) Electro-Pollution

Dr. Weil
Electromagnetic pollution (EMF) may be the most significant form of pollution human activity has produced in this century!” ~ Dr. Andrew Weil

We are surrounded by a sea of because of cell towers, cell phones, computers, WI-FI, satellite and radio waves.
EMF’s cause DNA damage.
Neurological damage
Compromised Immune System
Reduced sperm count
Reduced melatonin production
Weakens the thyroid

So what’s a girl supposed to do about all those toxins? Slowly eliminate them one at a time.
Stop using plastic containers and plastic water bottles
Use water and shower filters in your home
Don’t eat farm raised fish
Avoid meats that have any type of hormones and antibiotics
Start reading labels and don’t purchase products that have chemicals in them
Use organic and clean body care products
Talk to an integrative doctor that can help you detox and eliminate the parasites and yeasts.
Protect yourself from Electro-pollution with scientifically based products

Live consciously. Choose wisely. Make informed decisions about your health. Be proactive with prevention in order to insure that Breast Cancer, or any cancer for that matter, will not have the potential to develop in your body.

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