The History of Brazilian Waxing

It all began with Janea Padilha of Vitoria, Brazil. Janea was a cosmetologist at her aunt’s salon and did traditional bikini waxing (front only, leaving a little triangle). One day, while at the beach, Janea noticed a beautiful woman in a bikini. When the woman had her back to Janea and bent over, Janea could see hair peeking out from her bikini in the back. Janea thought, here’s this beautiful woman and the vision is interrupted with unsightly hair protruding from her bikini! She thought to herself, I’ve got to do something about this. So she goes home and over the next several weeks experiments on herself with wax trying to remove all of her hair down there. And, voila! Janea invents the Brazilian wax. She actually has a funny story with the details of her waxing experiments in her book: “Brazilian Sexy: Secrets to Living a Gorgeous and Confident Life”. I highly recommend her book. It’s a fun read! In 1987, Janea and her 6 sisters moved to New York City and opened what is now known at J Sisters Salon (All the sister’s names start with a J). They became hugely successful and now run a multimillion dollar business! Janea waxes many famous stars including Gywenth Paltrow, who after her first Brazilian wax exclaimed, “You changed my life!”
Tantric Sex
Like meditation and yoga, Tantric sex is a spiritual practice. It is not aimed at self-indulgence or pleasure as an end in itself. Tantra uses sexual energy, with all of its rawness, social stigma, fear, and vulnerability to crack open our egos so that we can be present with our lovers, and ultimately, with ourselves. Tantric sex is about the journey of spiritual sex, not so much the orgasm. It’s about connecting on a heart level with your partner and being present with them…not fantasizing about some other person or place.
There has been a renewal of interest in Tantric practice in the West. Many couples are looking to improve their sex life. Perhaps because our society is maturing or because of a widespread awakening of consciousness, we seem to be gravitating towards the lessons in conscious intimacy that Tantra has to offer. Most of us know very little about our own bodies and our potential for pleasure. Learn the ecstasy and art of conscious loving with Tantric Sex. I recommend researching the internet on this topic, there’s plenty of info out there for you!